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Australian UAV specialises in aerial inspection using drones to help assess tall or otherwise inaccessible assets and infrastructure, often circumventing the need for isolation or shutdowns. As well as their greater efficiency, the use of drones improves safety by avoiding working at heights to inspect these structures by traditional rope access or Elevated Work Platforms.

Carrying high-resolution zoom cameras, our drones hover within close range of of the assets, providing the best possible vantage point from any angle, capturing details such as serial numbers and the corrosion on individual bolts. Through our live video feed you can see what we are capturing in flight, and we can also review the imagery on a laptop after landing to ensure we have everything before leaving the site. These images then form an important archival record of the structure’s condition over time.

Australian UAV has considerable experience in delivering infrastructure asset monitoring whilst working on remote or industrial sites and has tailored safety management systems in place for these environments. We have considerable experience in flying multi-rotor UAVs in difficult conditions, and work together with clients and other consultants to capture exactly the data they need.

  • Mobile phone tower inspection, and line of sight determination
  • Solar farm and roof solar panel inspection
  • Pipeline inspections
  • Wind Turbine blade and tower inspections
  • Dam wall condition monitoring
  • Lighting pole maintenance inspections
  • Power line and tower inspection
  • Building facade and roof due diligence, dilapidation reports. Supply data for BIM systems
  • Project construction time-lapse photography
  • Weather event insurance analysis
  • Heritage structures for condition assessment or post-maintenance validation
  • RGB colour and thermal cameras, recording digital stills or video

You can watch a short demonstration video featuring some example inspection data through our secure online data portal: