AUAV’s inSite™ is a proprietary web GIS platform for presenting various data types. With a core focus on visual asset inspection from drones, we host a complete 3D site capture. However, we can also display laser scan data, videos, panospheres, as-built models and pdf reports. All data is accessible securely in the cloud or from your internal servers using a standard web browser.

inSite™ allows hosting large datasets without the need to install expensive software at the client’s end. inSite™ can host various GIS datasets within a single portal with multiple user-specific privileges. inSite™ is not only a visualisation platform but also offers built-in measurement and analysis tools;

Photo Viewer
360 Panospheres
360 Videos with GPS path
Merge Datasets
Layer Management
Toggle Function

To learn more about the inSite software view the demo video or get in touch

  • Digital twin of your site or assets.
  • High-resolution 3D models, with linked photo view for asset inspection.
  • Measurement and annotation tools, including issue discussion threads.
  • 3D site capture for safety inductions, management, planning or tender packages.
  • Drone and other data sources including satellite data, GIS and BIM overlays.
  • Host as-built drawings or live loT feeds.
  • Fully customisable for specific industries, clients or integrate with 3rd party software.

At AUAV we’re happy to deliver our data using any systems our clients prefer, inSite is just one very cost-effective option.

Over the past 6 years we’ve found it incredibly powerful to have our own fully customisable online delivery platform to meet specific needs and be able to say “yes” to any client request.

Unlike commercial off the shelf platforms, we can tick all the boxes by making changes or adding features for an individual project or client if needed.

Let us know what you need, and we can let you know if inSite does it now, soon, or if we can make it happen with some custom development work.

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