Our TenderPak offer has been prepared to assist procurement teams level the playing field when seeking proposals in the construction industry. TenderPak puts the data in the hands of respondents and has been demonstrated to reduce risk, contingencies and costs.

TenderPak is suitable for:

  • Road, rail and port upgrades
  • Utility design/construction projects
  • Major Projects and construction sites
  • Infill developments
  • Maintenance works and repair costing

TenderPak is a standard set of drone and ground-based data to include with procurement tenders, providing the following benefits:

  • Tenderers receive high-resolution maps, 3D models and interactive 360 views
  • Reduced requirement for hosting site visits, particularly to remote or hazardous environments
  • Avoidance of travel and personal contact on both sides during Covid-19 social distancing
  • Ability to review and discuss site models and respond to questions live via video calls
  • The winning tenderer receives data to start the design process.

As well as a high-resolution digital twin of the site or asset, we can overlay design, markup, services or visualisation layers to show additional information, and your tenderers can also provide their proposals as a data overlay as seen below:

TenderPak reduces costs, quickens the project cycle and minimises project risk.

Our standard TenderPak for a typical 4ha site includes:

We can be flexible to your needs with different options, higher resolution, etc.

Simply email us with the location and size of your site, along with info on the timing and requirements, and we can get back to you with costs.