Drone Data Analysis, Processing & Reporting

It’s all about the data.

Drones are just a tool for gathering a lot of data in a highly effective and affordable manner — the bigger challenge is actually how to use all that data for best effect.

If you’re not getting great data or measurable benefits from your drone program, talk to us about AUAV inSite.

Want to know more about the types of data drones can produce?

Our Visual Encyclopedia of Drone Data is a good resource if you want to know you DEMs from your orthos, and maybe some types of data you hadn’t considered.

Drone data reporting display.
Solving the drone data challenge is our core focus at AUAV, with unique capability in this area:
  • Data processing, analysis and reporting experts on staff.
  • Collaborative partners for specialist areas of expertise, for example solar farm analysis or telco tower reporting.
  • Working with leading edge “AI” analysis providers for machine vision and machine learning solutions.
  • In-house software development for analysis and measurement of specific issues.
  • Consulting with you on drone data best-practices for your in-house drone program, or consistent delivery from contractors.
  • Fully customisable cloud-based online data platform: AUAV inSite.