Thermal Surveys for Solar Farms

A solar farm – also known as a solar power plant or solar field – is a large-scale installation of solar panels or PV systems designed to generate electricity from sunlight.

A solar farm typically consists of thousands of solar panels arranged in rows or arrays on a large piece of land. These panels have solar cells that capture the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity, which can then be distributed to the power grid or stored in batteries for later use.

To ensure your renewable energy plant is operating at its best, it needs to be properly maintained – any kind of damage to core components can cause a ripple effect that impacts a large portion of the entire farm. At AUAV, we utilise drone technology to perform solar farm inspections that can provide all the necessary data to keep your solar assets in check.

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Professional Drone Inspections

At AUAV, we offer professional drone inspections for solar farms and solar energy plants. Our expert drone pilots are fully qualified to survey your site, giving you a detailed aerial view of your solar farm from above. This helps to identify any potential issues and inefficiencies, allowing you to maximise your energy production.

Our experienced team works with leading-edge “Artificial Intelligence” analysis providers to ensure our drones’ solar farm and solar panel inspections are detailed and informative for all solar companies.

Thermal Surveys

Our thermal surveys are as per IEC standards and use advanced technology to inspect solar farms and identify any areas of inefficiency. Our thermal camera can provide a detailed heat map of your solar farm, allowing you to detect any faulty panels or issues that could be causing your farm to operate at a lower level of efficiency.

Aerial thermography of your farm’s solar modules are able to provide significantly more data points than a standard inspection, leaving no panel unturned.

Data Solutions

Rows of solar panels in a solar farm

We provide comprehensive data solutions to help you make informed decisions about your solar farm. Our team of engineers and technicians can analyse your data and provide you with a detailed report on the performance of your solar farm. This helps to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your solar energy production.

Benefits of Solar Farm Drone Inspections

In-Depth Performance Insights

Increased visibility into a solar farm’s performance from solar inspections will allow managers to quickly identify issues before they become expensive problems. Using drones in solar inspection practices can provide better overall coverage – meaning the insights you get are fully comprehensive.

Reduced Solar Farm Downtime and Maintenance Costs

Reduced downtime due to more predictive maintenance means fewer interruptions in energy production and increased profitability over time. Predictive maintenance is able to be seen ahead of time, meaning sudden costs are going to be much less likely.

Reduced Risks and Improved Safety

Ability to gather data quickly and accurately without having to send personnel onto the ground, improving safety for workers as well as limiting any disruption to operations from ground inspections.

Quick Detection of Issues

Optimal performance can be maintained with timely detection of issues before they become severe enough to cause costly repairs or replacements. 

Improved Solar Farm Efficiency

Efficiency increases due to reduced time spent on inspection, with sophisticated data analytics tools helping to identify areas of improvement and maximise energy generation from a solar energy plant.

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