Marine Drone Inspection Services

Low Profile Inspection Rover

AUAV uses a modular industrial inspection rover with an integrated Pan/Tilt wide-angle camera, floodlighting, and robotic arm to inspect dangerous or confined spaces. Our rover can be deployed to capture detailed images of features for desktop inspection and analysis by our engineers.

Marine Inspections

Whether its submarine, under the deck, or above water structures, AUAV can capture 3D spatial and condition data without the need for divers, providing a holistic and safe means of conducting inspections. We have positioned ourselves as a single point of contact to capture a complete understanding of marine infrastructure, combining drone aircraft, surface and submarine ROV technology.

A Custom Solution

Have a tricky inspection problem involving dangerous or inaccessible spaces? AUAV specializes in developing safe & innovative solutions to inspection problems.

Contact one of our consultants about your challenges to learn how we can help.

Marine inspection services

Terrestrial marine drone inspection of a boat.
Our terrestrial and marine drone services provide many benefits:
  • Reduce risks.
  • Save time.
  • Access hidden & inaccessible areas.
  • Improve stakeholder communication.
  • High-resolution Visual Inspection data (photos, videos, 360°videos).
  • Collect various types of data in a single run.
  • Cut traditional inspection costs.
  • Assess comprehensive and complete asset data.

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