Roof and gutters inspection.

Drone Roof & Building Inspections

Drone imagery is the most cost-effective way to assess the condition of a roof and support facilities management. We avoid the need for people to be working at heights thereby reducing cost and reducing risk. The addition of a 3D model and our inSite software enables easy fault identification and data navigation.

In addition to the external inspections of buildings, we offer a service to document virtual tours and inspection of the internal layout of buildings, warehouses and industrial facilities.

AUAV has experience working across hundreds of building assets for single clients and reporting at a large scale for companies and government. The reports AUAV provides are easy to interpret so you can see at a glance whether it needs your attention. Each defect is then highlighted in the report with high-resolution photos.

Our inSite software also acts as a historical archive for all condition data. For more information or a quote please email us at

Data for Roof & Building Inspection Projects

Roof and gutters inspection.
Our team provides:
  • External image capture.
  • Internal 3D models.
  • Terrestrial laser scanning of industrial equipment.
  • Complete independent roof condition reporting.
  • 3D roof and building model generation.
  • Insurance claim inspection services.
  • Inspection of rooftop assets such as HVAC, solar panels, chimneys and antennas.
  • Roof access and safety anchor assessment.
  • High-resolution imagery and reporting for archival record.

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