External chimney inspection for Little Creatures Brewery.

Little Creatures Brewery External And Internal Inspections

The Little Creatures Brewery in Geelong is located on the site of Geelong’s former Valley Worsted Mill, a 1920s textile mill with saw tooth red brick industrial styled buildings. The historic art deco mill buildings have remained, with the brewery working around them. Naturally maintenance of these older buildings is a significant consideration.

AUAV aimed to provide Little Creatures with a detailed 3D model of all of the required structures.

To do this the data capture was completed over a short 4-hour period. This made the survey both efficient in capture time as well as lessening interruptions to works on site. From a safety perspective using drones for the inspection allowed the client to avoid needing elevated work platforms for engineers to access and view the structures. Representing a significant time and cost saving device for the inspection works.

External And Internal Inspections for AECOM - Little Creatures Brewery

Internal inspection of chimney at Little Creatures.


AECOM commissioned AUAV to provide a detailed inspection and defect assessment of the iconic Little Creatures Brewery. Specifically the building’s chimney structure as well as surrounding buildings and roofs.


The resulting high resolution aerial imagery was used to create a 3D model of all of the structures. This allowed AUAV to inspect the virtual site and document all defects and maintenance issues such as repainting requirements, damaged bricks, cracking or loose metalwork. The model also assisted the engineers in understanding structural support requirements for the facade and other roof areas. An added benefit was the client now has an amazing 3D visualisation of the site which virtual reality systems can upload and use for promotional or other purposes.