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Aerial Drone Photography & Videography

Drones are inherently mobile and have the innate ability to capture on-demand maps at a cost much lower than traditional approaches that involve manned aircrafts. Moreover, drone imagery is of much higher resolution than satellite or traditional aerial photography capture.

Since 2013, AUAV has offered reliable, high-quality drone services, aerial mapping and accurate survey data for from our offices in most capital cities.

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Our Photography and Videography Services

Aerial Photography

In the ever-evolving digital world, our drones capture breathtaking high-resolution aerial photographs of your assets and property as per your requirements, enabling you to gain all the benefits of computer modelling and analysis for planning or monitoring your projects.

Aerial Videography

Our drone cinematographers offer spectacular 4k high-quality drone videos that help you bring more business and increase revenue. Backed by a dedicated team of photo/video cinematographers, we at AUAV transform aerial videography and photography services into exceptional outputs.

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Drone Photography and Video Service Applications

Aerial videography and photography have many benefits depending on their intended use. Some most common service applications include:

Digital Marketing

Drone videography and photography can help you boost your digital marketing efforts. Drones can capture breathtaking aerial footage that can make heads turn everywhere. Adding drones in your digital marketing campaigns boosts engagement, increases traffic to your website, and generates leads.


Drone photography and videography can deliver high-quality, actionable data safely and quickly. These detail-rich, insightful aerial photos and videos can help you make informed and actionable decisions.

Property Management and Development

Drone videos and photos can help in property management and development by capturing the construction process and the safety measures used. It also provides a clear view of the materials used, thus ensuring the security and stability of the entire construction project.

Real Estate Companies

Real estate companies use drone photos and videos to provide a better perspective to their potential buyers. Through aerial services such as photography and videography, your prospects get a better view of the actual size of the property and the general location of the property.

Why Use AUAV for Aerial Photos and Video?

An image of a runway taken from an AUAV drone
CASA Certified AUAV is a CASA certified company with experienced drone pilots.
Quality Assurance We have the extensive experience to believe in and trust in the quality of our services - alongside being certified by the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority.
Affordable We provide affordable service packages.
inSite Our dedicated online data platform.

When it comes to capturing high-quality aerial photos and videos, especially in sectors like the construction industry, AUAV stands out as a leading service provider. Our expertise in providing ongoing drone photography and videography solutions makes us the ideal partner for projects requiring precise, high-resolution imagery.

Expertise in High-Quality Image Capture

At AUAV, we specialize in using advanced drone technology to capture high-quality images. Our equipment is state-of-the-art, and capable of delivering crystal-clear photos and videos that are essential for detailed analysis and presentation. Whether it’s for surveying, inspection, or promotional purposes, our imagery provides valuable insights and a unique perspective.

Providing Ongoing Drone Photography

One of our key strengths is our ability to provide ongoing drone photography services. This is particularly beneficial for long-term projects where continuous monitoring and regular updates are necessary. Our team ensures consistent quality and reliability throughout the project lifecycle.

Safety and Efficiency

Using drones for aerial photography in the construction industry significantly enhances safety by reducing the need for personnel to access hard-to-reach or hazardous areas. It also increases efficiency, as drones can cover large areas quickly, providing immediate data and imagery that would take much longer to gather through traditional methods.

Tailored Solutions for the Construction Industry

We understand the specific needs of the construction industry. From monitoring construction progress to site surveys and safety inspections, our aerial photography services are tailored to provide comprehensive visual documentation. This capability is crucial for project managers and stakeholders who require regular, detailed updates on construction projects.

Professional and Compliant Service

AUAV is committed to professionalism in all aspects of our drone operations. We adhere strictly to safety regulations and privacy laws, ensuring that our services are not only high-quality but also fully compliant with industry standards and legal requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

We prefer using Inspire 2 with an X5s lens for aerial photography and videography.

We record 25 or 50 fps in 4K resolution.

Unless otherwise specified by the client, we shoot photos in RAW (DNG) format and film in either MP4 or MOV format.

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