Australian UAV Careers


AUAV NSW: a generalist role to suit a highly-motivated individual with some drone experience and technical skills, wanting to grow in the industry. A mix of field work flying both multi-rotors and fixed-wing UAVs, and processing of 3D/mapping drone data. Could expand into project proposals, project management, social media marketing, etc. More information and Job Description here.

AUAV NSW/VIC: to suit a marketing student with an interest in drones based in Sydney or Melbourne, AUAV has an opening for an intern to assist with our digital, social, print and conference marketing efforts. You will join our staff on various jobs to get training and insights into the industry and together we can explore whether there is an opportunity for an ongoing paid role going forward

Aside from any positions listed above, we are always on the lookout for talented and enthusiastic people to help grow the business, so if that sounds like you please get in touch. We are particularly interested in professionals from our client industries who are seeking a change of career and can see the benefits of this amazing technology.

For our longer term growth we are seeking expressions of interest to launch offices into new regions of the country. Eligible candidates for this role would be self-sufficient with some sales and marketing knowledge, have a good network of contacts in our client industries and of course also some experience with drone operations.

If you are not quite at the level of applying for a job but are interested in taking your first steps toward becoming a commercial drone operator, you can find details on gaining a Controller Certificate on the CASA website.

We receive a large number of applications from multi-rotor operators, but unfortunately unless you are making a career change from one of our client industries, it is unlikely we would have work for you in this context unless you are bringing work from your current job or network. The sort of technical experience we are looking for is usually in fixed-wing UAV operation, building your own UAV systems, or niche software/hardware technical skills which would be of use to our clients (e.g. image analysis, specialist sensors, GIS, etc). You can read more here about what we are looking for in recruiting candidates.

For applications, please send your resume to [email protected]