Ausgrid rural fire inspection site map.

Post Fire Inspections Case Study

Following the devastating December 2019 / January 2020 fires across NSW, AUAV undertook post-fire inspections of Ausgrid’s power assets and properties in affected areas.

Post Fire Inspections for Ausgrid

Ausgrid fire inspection case study.


Ausgrid required two sets of data. The first set of data would be utilised to update asset condition information as part of Ausgrid’s asset management system. The second set of data would assist in the rebuilding process. Meaning, whilst assessing fire damage, Ausgrid was also able to determine fire related damage as well as the state of current assets in the surrounding local area.

To achieve this task the AUAV Operator completed an initial drone assessment of each individual site. If no fire damage was detected from the aerial analysis, Ausgrid were provided with high-solution imagery and a 360 panosphere of the site. When fire damage was noted, Ausgrid were provided a full aerial survey of the asset (e.g. pole) and the connecting property in conjunction with the 360 panosphere.


In total there were 106 properties assessed between Wisemans Ferry and Mangrove Dam. The use of drone data provided Ausgrid with accurate asset condition information as well as detailed site information to assist planning remediation works without their team having to visit multiple sites, expediting the rebuild process whilst also saving time and money.