Power Generation and Distribution Sector

We have considerable experience in monitoring power station and power line assets having worked at, Loy Yang (A&B), Yallourn, Hazelwood, Collie and Muja. We use drones, laser scanners and other remote tools to efficiently capture data safely and efficiently. We have demonstrated that drones offer considerable advantages compared to traditional inspection approaches.

Our team also have experience in power transmission and distribution monitoring with skilled drone operators trained in working in high-voltage environments. For information on indicative pricing or a formal quote please email us at contact@auav.com.au.

The benefits of drone survey and inspection include a detailed high-resolution photographic record of the asset condition including any defects, the ability to access hard-to-reach areas, reduced downtime and reduced safety risks associated with such inspections. Our in-house software tool inSite assists with data analysis and integration with asset management software.

Our specialised drones can also be used in confined spaces with limited lighting and in GPS-denied environments.

Safe and Efficient Power Inspections with Advanced Drone Technology and Software

AUAV provides a safe and efficient way to inspect power lines – as well as assets at power stations – using drones. Our technology and software allow us to capture data from difficult-to-reach places, helping to improve safety and efficiency.

Our technology – paired with our inSite software – allows us to capture data quickly and accurately – a detailed inspection process means detailed data. We use drones outfitted with high-resolution cameras and sensors to capture images, videos, and other data from difficult-to-reach locations. Our software is designed to provide detailed and accurate results, helping to improve safety and efficiency when performing inspections at power stations, or on power lines or power pylons.

Benefits of Power Line Inspection Drones

An image of a power pole taken with a drone

Improved safety: By using drones instead of traditional methods such as climbing towers or ladders, AUAV inspections greatly reduce the risk of injury while still providing accurate data collection results. This ensures that technicians stay safe while performing their duties, reducing costs associated with injuries while inspecting high-voltage lines or equipment. 

Cost savings: Drones require less manpower than traditional inspection methods, meaning fewer technicians are needed for a given job—saving time and money for the organization or business conducting the inspection work. Additionally, since inspections can be done remotely and quickly thanks to AUAV’s technology and software suite, businesses may save even more by avoiding potential downtime due to unplanned maintenance needs or repairs related to outdated infrastructure issues spotted during manual inspections. 

Reliable results: AUAV has developed sophisticated algorithms that allow its drones to identify problems with power lines or equipment reliably without human intervention—eliminating costly mistakes caused by manual inspections performed incorrectly or incompletely due to fatigue or other factors affecting human judgement capabilities over extended periods of time in demanding conditions such as outdoors on exposed electricity towers and substations where temperatures often vary widely throughout the day.

Renewable Energy

Investment in large grid-scale wind and solar has boomed over the past decade. AUAV has been providing topographical land surveys to developers and monitoring assets throughout this time. Drone survey and inspection services has been demonstrated to assist with the development and maintenance of solar and wind energy developments.

Our services enable efficient design and regular predictive maintenance check-ups. We have the best available technology and partner with the global leader in PV thermography to provide analysis and reporting.

Our team of employees operate across regional and remote areas as well as overseas. All staff are equipped with training and equipment for remote area work and comprehensive risk assessments are undertaken prior to any deployment.

At AUAV, We have Demonstrated Experience In:
  • Due diligence data capture for asset sales.
  • Solar and wind farm pre-development topographical survey (over 30,000ha completed in 2018).
  • Solar farm thermographic defect monitoring.
  • Wind farm blade inspection.
  • Transmission line corridor survey and inspection.
  • Substation inspection.
  • Construction monitoring and aerial timelapse.

Experienced Power Grid Drone Inspectors

Our experienced drone operators and technicians are committed to providing the best drone inspection possible for your project. All of our team members are highly qualified and experienced in the use of operating drones, With our team of experienced professionals, you can be sure that your power lines and assets will be inspected safely and efficiently.

Clients: Power Generation & Distribution

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