Rail industry inspection services.

Rail Industry Case Study

AUAV has been working with transport operators (Metro Rail, Sydney Trains, ARTC, Queensland Rail) providing efficient data capture services for bridges, stations and overhead assets. All the clients have had similar needs in safely capturing data in a cost-effective manner. There has also been a requirement to store the data is an easily accessible online data platform so that engineers may assess the condition of the assets remotely during the period that staff are working from home.

Rail Industry Services for Rail Operators

Rail industry drone inspection services.


To provide an accurate solution to this problem AUAV utilised both UAV alongside our custom designed online visualisation software, inSite. AUAV captures drone and terrestrial data at sites across the network. This information is mostly processed into 3D models. The data can then be served up via AUAV’s online visualisation software inSite. InSite provides the client’s engineering team the ability to remotely access and interrogate the original photos, measuring defects and marking up any structural abnormalities. Furthermore, terrestrial data captured with the Matterport has been integrated into the software solution, meaning the internals of a building can also be inspected.


  • There is no longer a requirement to have working at heights or confined space permits.
  • Engineers can review data without having to travel to site.
  • There is no longer requirement for rail occupation in the collection of data thus reducing disruption to the network.