Port asset inspection case study heatmaps.

Port of Newcastle Asset Inspections Case Study

The Port of Newcastle commissioned AUAV to capture detailed external and internal asset data and develop a 3D model for two warehouses on their site. The purpose of the data was to document the existing condition of the assets prior to leasing.

Port Asset Inspection for the Port of Newcastle

Port asset inspection drone services.


Port facilities incorporate not just the various wharf’s and breakwaters but also other assets such as warehouses, storage facilities and other buildings. The challenge was to ensure high-resolution imagery was captured of all building exteriors and roofs. The resulting data would be stitched into a complete 3D model, inclusive of all the required port facility structures.


Both external and internal high resolution photo scans were captured and processed to create a photo model of the building interior. This model was made available to The Port of Newcastle, via AUAV’s InSite platform. The model provided The Port of Newcastle with a twofold assessment. First, documenting the existing condition of the assets prior to leasing. Second, the model could also be easily referenced by Port of Newcastle when the asset reverted back to their operations.