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Asset Inspection

Drone inspection of tall, inaccessible or large-scale assets and infrastructure is now a proven methodology with advantages including:

  • Safer: avoid working at heights, in confined spaces, or in proximity to site hazards
  • Faster: depending on the asset we can typically demonstrate a 2x to 10x time saving over traditional methods
  • Cost effective: if access is an issue then drones are more cost-effective than rope access, EWP or helicopter inspection
  • Better data: full asset coverage with high-resolution imagery and optional 3D model for archival records. In some cases automated defect and change detection between inspections is also possible

From simple roof inspections through to bridges, towers and critical infrastructure, AUAV has a deep experience inspecting most asset classes. We are more than drone operators, we have qualified inspectors on staff. Our inSite online data platform has been developed to present drone inspection results to all stakeholders in an intuitive online format, and can integrate with your existing asset management systems.

Most inspection work is done using high-resolution colour cameras, though thermal sensors can also be used where temperature differences or the presence of water can highlight issues.

For more information on asset inspection in your specific area of interest, see our list of industries we service, or contact us to discuss your needs.