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Client Industries Renewable Energy

AUAV work with asset developers and owners from project inception to performance monitoring

Investment in large grid-scale wind and solar has boomed over the past decade. AUAV has been providing topographical land surveys to developers and monitoring assets throughout this time.

Drone survey and inspection services has been demonstrated to assist with the development and maintenance of solar and wind energy developments. At AUAV we have demonstrated experience in:

  • Due diligence data capture for asset sales
  • Solar and wind farm pre-development topographical survey (over 30,000ha completed in 2018)
  • Solar farm thermographic defect monitoring
  • Wind farm blade inspection
  • Transmission line corridor survey and inspection
  • Substation inspection
  • Construction monitoring and aerial timelapse

Our services enable efficient design and regular predictive maintenance check-ups. We have the best available technology and partner with the global leader in PV thermography to provide analysis and reporting.

Our team of employees operate across regional and remote areas as well as overseas. All staff are equipped with training and equipment for remote area work and comprehensive risk assessments are undertaken prior to any deployment.

For indicative service pricing or a formal quote please send us an email at

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