Communications Infrasctructure

Drones are the perfect solution for inspecting tall or inaccessible assets such as communication towers. AUAV has a solution in our inSite platform to host all data and include emission lobes, LoS paths, integration with asset management systems together with virtual site visits.

AUAV has been using drones to inspect communication towers for over 6 years. For more information on our services for telecommunication towers email us at

AUAV provides fast, reliable drone inspections for communication towers. Drones are the perfect solution for inspecting tall or inaccessible assets such as communication towers and cell towers. 

With drones, you can inspect these structures quickly and safely – with minimal disruption to your operations and avoiding problems that occur from external factors such as environmental or other hazards. Our unmanned aerial vehicles are equipped with the latest technologies, allowing you to get the best results from your inspections.

State-of-the-Art Advanced Drone Technology

Our drones use advanced imaging and scanning technology to provide an in-depth analysis of the structure. This allows us to identify any potential risks or issues, such as corrosion, wear and tear, or a potential structural emergency. Our drones also provide 3D models and high-resolution images thanks to our inSite software, allowing us to get a detailed view of the structure and its components.

Unmatched Safety and Efficiency

Drones are the perfect solution for inspecting communication towers. They provide unmatched safety and efficiency, allowing you to inspect these structures without the need for personnel to climb the towers. With drones, you can inspect these structures quickly and safely, with minimal disruption to your operations.

Benefits of Drone and Cell Tower Inspections

Fast and accurate: A drone’s efficient data capture process allows for faster and more accurate inspections than traditional methods, saving time and money on labour costs and equipment rentals while being able to safely operate. 

Reduce worker risks: By eliminating the need for manual labour, there is virtually no risk of injury during asset inspections, making it a safe and cost-effective way to survey communication towers. There is also no need for personnel to access hazardous areas close to active power lines or in bad weather conditions – providing an extra layer of safety while still obtaining accurate inspection results in a timely manner.

Less downtime: Drone inspections reduce downtime for asset owners as our drones can survey multiple towers in one flight, providing quick results without disrupting operations or causing outages that would require costly repairs or replacements due to delayed maintenance procedures.

Lower costs: By using drones for tower inspections, we can reduce costs and risks associated with traditional methods such as manual climbing or using cranes or helicopters for inspections.

Working with Engineering Firms and Asset Owners

We have completed projects including:
  • Asset Inspection of towers or masts structural integrity, corrosion and infrastructure attachments.
  • Checking connections of guy wires.
  • Inspection and documentation of the inside of building assets.
  • Terrestrial laser scanning.
  • Line of Sight (LoS) assessment to determine links between existing and proposed structures.
  • Complete and accurate 3D survey of proposed greenfield sites to facilitate design and construction.
  • 3D modelling of structures to assess available space for 5G and NBN roll-out.

Clients: Telco & Radio Towers

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