Oil & Gas Sector

AUAV has completed projects throughout Australia for the oil and gas industry. Our qualified inspection staff are trained and our safety systems are audited and certified to ISO 45001. Across the oil and gas sector, there is significant potential to reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase safety by using drones for inspections and surveying.

Our unmanned drones can perform inspection services on a wide range of oil and gas projects – UAVs are able to access many areas that manned vehicles cannot. On top of this, unmanned inspections are also able to be performed during a project as well as before – helping find faults and minimise risks while not impacting efficiency.

As opposed to more traditional methods of manual inspections, our inspection methods reduce or eliminate downtime and have been demonstrated to save customers tens of thousands of dollars per inspection. For more information on how drone inspections can save the oil and gas industry money email us at contact@auav.com.au.

Offshore Applications

A GIF of a flare tip inspection

AUAV is able to provide oil and gas companies with digital twins of their assets through AUAV’s proprietary data management software; inSite™. The data from this software allows for detailed asset inspections to be conducted – making faster data collection, easier problem identification, and reduced risks on project sites.

The offshore production sector performs many services – and thus requires supporting technology to make upkeep as efficient as possible. The inspections our drone program provides are both high-quality and innovative enough to prove a big benefit to these offshore sites.

Such drone operations can be performed on many offshore sites, including:

  • Fixed Platforms (FP)
  • Floating Production Systems (FPS)
  • Floating Production, Storage & Offloading Systems (FPSO)

Downstream Applications

Our team can provide one of the most comprehensive marine drone and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) services in the world – complete with full 3D laser scanning, photogrammetry & digital twinning.

Oil and gas facilities that focus on liquified natural gas (LNG) can undergo unmanned drone-based inspections that are able to analyse and provide companies with a rundown of the integrity of such LNG plants. Critical inspections and site surveys are very important to any and all oil and gas firms – and AUAV are able to provide a streamlined solution.

Such drone inspections can be performed on many offshore sites, including:

  • Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Plants
  • Import Terminals
  • Storage Terminals
  • Pipelines
  • Refineries

Data for Oil & Gas Projects

In the fast-evolving world of oil and gas exploration and production, the need for accurate, real-time data has never been more critical. Our commercial drones are stepping up to meet this demand, providing the oil and gas sector with a revolutionary means of data acquisition. UAVs can quickly scan vast expanses of pipelines, rig infrastructure, and even inaccessible terrains, producing high-resolution aerial imagery and 3D models. This aids in ensuring structural integrity, monitoring for potential leaks, and conducting site assessments with precision and safety.

Beyond mere visualization, drones equipped with advanced sensors can detect gas emissions, measure temperature anomalies, and assess equipment health, all of which are indispensable for maintenance and safety checks. The speed and efficiency offered by drone technology, combined with its ability to capture granular data from a birds-eye view, make it an invaluable tool for enhancing decision-making processes, reducing operational costs, and ensuring the safe and sustainable operation of oil and gas projects.

Our typical projects include:
  • Pipeline easement surveys.
  • Flare stack inspections.
  • Gas leak detection.
  • Corrosion monitoring.
  • Internal confined space inspections of tanks and ducting.
  • Offshore digital engineering.

Clients: Oil & Gas

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