Landfill and waste management surveying.

Landfill and Waste Management Sector

Landfill sites are dynamic and solid waste organisations increasingly require frequent and detailed survey information to manage this ever-changing environment. At AUAV we have flown over 300 landfill surveys across Australia and even one in Antarctica.

Our cost-effective method allows for more frequent surveys to provide the data you need to tightly manage your site. Our approach provides high-resolution and accurate survey outputs. We offer a higher spatial resolution than traditional ground or aerial survey and eliminate the need to access active areas.

Typical turnaround time from a survey data capture to delivery is 48-72 hours. Data can be supplied in either local grid or MGA and is typically compressed and thinned to mitigate problems associated with drone data volume. All data goes through our comprehensive ISO certified quality assurance process prior to delivery.

We currently complete surveys for local government across Australia, Suez, Cleanaway, Hi Quality and other smaller private landfill waste companies. If you would like more information on indicative pricing or a formal quote please email

Data for Landfill & Waste Management Projects

Landfill and waste management surveying.
Our services include:
  • Topographical surveys.
  • Airspace calculations.
  • Stockpile volume analysis.
  • EPA reporting.
  • Drone based landfill gas monitoring.
  • Thermal mapping to locate and monitor underground fires.
  • Unauthorised filling or dumping of waste monitoring.