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AUAV: Fly Your Own Drone™

Announcing an exciting new program from Australian UAV (AUAV), where we work with you to operate your own drone services on site for your organisation. We refer to this as the Fly Your Own Drone™ (FYOD™) program.

AUAV is one of the country’s most experienced drone operators, with more than 3000 flights for commercial and government clients around the country since 2013. We have a well-proven process for capturing the best possible data and generating great deliverables. Most of our clients want us to take care of all the flying and data processing for them, but in some cases it can make more sense for you to operate the drones yourself: for example if you need ongoing daily or weekly flights at a remote location.

Until now there has only been two options: engage a professional drone operator like AUAV to fly your site for you, or purchase all the gear and go it alone, learning as you go. We are now offering a middle path where we supply you the right gear for the job, a powerful data processing and presentation solution, and offer you as much training and ongoing support as you might need to get the job done. We give you the full recipe for success in undertaking what can be a quite complex and risky operation, including detailed processes, checklists, flight logging and everything else you need to run a professional drone service in-house.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help your in-house drone program.