Rail industry inspection services.

Roads & Rail Sector

AUAV staff have RIW cards and are specifically trained in operations around rail and road projects. Our team doesn’t only use drones, we apply data capture methods to vehicles and also offer boat-based and underwater inspections.

With experienced CAD operators, surveyors and certified asset inspectors on staff we thoroughly understand the required outputs for clients. Email us at contact@auav.com.au for information on pricing or details on services.

Data for Road & Rail Projects

Rail industry inspection services.
We have demonstrated experience in:
  • Geotech surveys for slopes and cuttings, and landslip assessment.
  • Survey of new road routes and re-alignments.
  • Condition and dilapidation inspection and reporting.
  • Bridge inspections.
  • Full 3D capture of road intersections and rail level crossings for safety and compliance analysis.
  • Traffic and pedestrian monitoring.
  • Volumetric surveys during earthworks.
  • Survey for hydrology and flood modelling.
  • Inspections of overhead gantries.
  • Conductor catenary analysis.
  • Bridge scour surveys.

Clients: Road & Rail

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