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AUAV Successfully Audited to UAS International Quality Standard for Drone Operations

Australian UAV Pty Ltd (AUAV, confirms the successful completion of its audit and accreditation to the new UAS International (UASI, standard for safety and quality of commercial drone operations.

The UASI standard addresses a much-needed gap in the drone services market by certifying operators to meet a high standard of professionalism, safety, experience and capability. Based upon the ICAO standards used internationally by the aviation industry, the standard has recently been expanded to support specialist categories of drone operations. AUAV’s accreditation includes the Aerial Mapping/Survey and Aerial Inspection specialties, which require specific qualifications, processes, experience and training to ensure quality results in these more demanding disciplines.

Building upon a previous safety audit by SGS, this sets the company apart.“In the past it has been challenging for the market to differentiate”, says NSW Director Andrew Chapman, “between professional aerial data service providers like AUAV offering high-end services, and the many smaller operators providing only basic aerial photography”. UASI’s high standard can only be met by companies with rigorous operational and safety management systems, along with the training and experience required to undertake this level of work.

The UASI standard also serves as an independently audited panel of approved operators, recommended for the needs of larger companies and government organisations. Any organisation with a need for high-quality drone data can now short-cut the process of tendering or forming a panel of suitable suppliers. This process can be time-consuming and often fails to deliver the best outcomes because it relies upon significant research on the part of clients in what is a new and rapidly changing industry.

Project managers and procurement departments can save time by engaging UASI as an independent third party to provide a panel of accredited operators. This also ensures the most stringent compliance and liability requirements can be met, de-risking the use of drones within larger corporate and government environments needing access to increasingly valuable drone data services.

AUAV is an award-winning drone services provider. Founded in 2013 it has since rapidly expanded to provide a national-scale service to high-end clients around the country, employing qualified surveyors, inspectors, civil engineers, draftsmen, remote sensing experts, pilots, aircraft designers and software developers. For more information email us or phone 1300 738 521.

For more information on the UAS International standard and other approved operators, please email or phone (02) 9980 7792.