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Client Industries Water Utilities

AUAV supports water utilities in managing a wide array of assets

Water utilities manage a vast array of assets to provide their potable water and wastewater services. Drone-based survey and inspection services offer huge time and cost efficiencies, as well as quantifiable safety benefits by removing the need for personnel to gain access to locations.

Focusing on the outputs, AUAV has experience with data capture using drones, submersibles and remote bathymetric survey boats. Typical services for water utilities have included;

  • Buildings, dam and spillway inspections
  • Pipeline surveys and inspections
  • Replacing confined space inspections with remote tracked vehicles
  • Topographical surveys for dam-break modelling/simulations
  • Feral animal mapping in closed catchments
  • 3D tank modelling and inspections
  • Aerial gas detection
  • Stage storage analysis of reservoirs
  • Internal inspections of tanks, pits and pipes
  • Thermography to identify water leaks or electrical faults
  • Stockpile surveys for annual reconciliation of bio-solids

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