Forestry industry uav surverying.

Forestry Sector

AUAV has been working with the forestry sector since 2013. We have developed tools to help effectively manage plantations and monitor regeneration.

AUAV has developed a successful drone-based algorithm method for tree counts, regeneration species analysis, tree height, diameter and volume derivation, plantation health and post-fire analysis. We apply a dedicated fixed-wing drone equipped with specific cameras, applying optimised camera settings and lenses.

Our approach provides a complete, repeatable, cost and time-efficient process for analysis of compartments or an entire plantation.

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Data for Forestry Projects

Forestry industry uav surverying.
We have demonstrated experience in:
  • Bluegum plantation survival counts.
  • Plantation height and health analysis.
  • Monitoring of timber residues post-harvest.
  • Disease detection and damage analysis.
  • Insurance claim mapping.
  • 9-month-old pine tree survival.
  • Location of pine wildlings in native forest.

Clients: Forestry

“Utilising new technologies can seem daunting and complex, however Australian UAV made the transition from idea to final product easy with their professional, organised and flexible approach”

– Angela Gladman, North Central Catchment Management Authority

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