Environmental Sector

Our senior staff have decades of experience in consulting environmental engineering companies. We understand that the potential application of drones for mapping and monitoring within the environmental sector is almost endless. The high-resolution aerial imagery can be used to identify existing features either through visual observation or automated classification techniques. We offer a cost-effective tool for planning and monitoring the progress of environmental works programs.

Our staff are located throughout Australia and frequently travel to remote areas and overseas. With a diverse range of drones and sensors we have the capability in-house to custom integrate sensors and complete the most challenging environmental projects.

Please email us at contact@auav.com.au for more information on specific projects.

Data for Environmental Projects

Environmental industry aerial mapping and imagery.
We have considerable demonstrated experience in:
  • Monitoring water birds, pest species and vegetation change.
  • Locating and monitoring koala populations.
  • Air quality monitoring.
  • Mapping and identifying weeds with automated algorithms.
  • Monitoring pest mammals with thermal cameras.
  • Water flow/discharge volume analysis.
  • Assessing pre and post environmental water delivery.
  • Monitoring coastal and fluvial erosion and stability.
  • Progress reporting to funding agencies.
  • Carbon farming reporting.
  • Constructed wetland audits.

Clients: Environmental

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