Slope inspection services for Transport for NSW.

M1 Motorway Slope Assessment Case Study

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) required slope assessment undertaken of 13 slopes on the M1 Motorway between Sydney and Newcastle. Scope of works included the onsite data collection along with development of suitable 3D models and data transfer. Data collection was to be undertaken such that regular highway traffic was not impeded at all and was ultimately done at speeds between 80 to 100 km/h.

Slope Assessment for Transport for NSW (TfNSW)

Slope assessment vehicle with experienced inspection person.


AUAV proposed and consequently designed a multi-camera vehicle rig system to provide a photogrammetry based model for TfNSW slope assessors to review. The photographs from all four cameras were captured synchronously and linked to a GNSS location capture. The photographs were then compiled into a photogrammetric model suitable for interrogation by the Clients qualified Slope Risk Assessor.


  • The methodology used increased the availability of quality data. For example, changes in issues could be reviewed with greater confidence as numerous photographs and 3D model checks can be made.
  • The use of photogrammetry significantly improved the Health and Safety aspect of Slope Risk Assessment. Two key elements being; limited exposure of personnel on the M1 motorway (safety) and limited disruption to the M1 motorway by eliminating traffic management (safety, cost and community).
  • The client is seeking to roll out the method to all slope stability assessments on all cuttings in NSW.