Inspection of house after fire damage.

House Fire Scene Analysis Case Study

AUAV were asked to develop a high-resolution 3D model of the site of a large house fire.

Fire Scene Analysis for MH Forensics

Inspection of house after fire damage.


AUAV achieved this by capturing high resolution imagery of the site to develop a survey accurate 3D model of the site. The 3D model was made available to MH Forensics using AUAV’s visualisation software, InSite. Providing MH Forensics the ability to revisit the scene at any time and from any location without having to purchase costly software.


The utilisation of InSite also meant key information could be made available at any time from any location for all interested parties such as; investigators, forensic experts, insurance agents and jury members. Being able to access accurate and georeferenced photogrammetric outputs rather than manual field notes saved the client time. Importantly, MH Forensics now had a scaled tool to enhance investigations into the cause of the fire.