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Drone Data Capture for Remote Workers during COVID-19

A quick post to reassure everyone that AUAV is still running at close to full capacity and able to provide data for your site surveys, asset inspections and full 3D site capture during this tricky time, with special protocols in place for our travel and to avoid contact with anyone else on site.
Enabling people to work remotely by using Digital Twin data has been our core focus for the past 7 years, but this is now very much in the spotlight as it enables our clients to:

  • Stay productive while working from home in isolation
  • Keep projects on track, both current and future planning
  • Keep assets and infrastructure inspection programs running
  • Virtual site visits and visibility for all stakeholders, e.g. be looking at a full 3D model together while on a video call

We will be showcasing some specific examples here and on our linkedin page in the weeks to come, but in general terms if you need to view, assess, measure or plan works for a remote site, we can get that data and provide it online so it is accessible through a standard web browser.

AUAV is here to help your staff stay safe, stay isolated, and your work to continue in these challenging times.

And our earlier article which goes into more detail:
How Drones can help with Coronavirus (COVID-19)

31st March 2020