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  1. Summer Edition of AUAV News

    Posted: December 15 2021

    After a busy 2021, we will be looking forward to a well-deserved break over Christmas, the office will be shut from the 23rd December until the 3rd January. Newsletter link

  2. What will the drone industry look like in 5 years?

    Posted: December 15 2021

    When I registered the company name Australian UAV in early 2013 the landscape for drone technology was very different to that that we work in today. There were 35 ReOC holders in Australia (at time of writing this article there are now 2437). To become an operator you needed to complete and pass the private […]

  3. Bridge Inspection

    Posted: December 3 2021
  4. Coastal Erosion

    Posted: December 3 2021
  5. Winter Edition of AUAV News

    Posted: August 16 2021

    We are still operating pretty much as normal as the vast majority of our work is considered essential infrastructure. As such, we are still busy supporting our clients in asset inspections and surveys across the country. Newsletter link

  6. Autumn Edition of AUAV News

    Posted: August 4 2021

    With the travel restrictions off and the level of confidence in the economy lifting, we have seen a significant increase in challenging and exciting projects across all sectors. As a result, we have increased our delivery capacity. Please drop us a line if you have any projects you would like to discuss. Newsletter link

  7. AUAV EOFY Newsletter

    Posted: August 4 2021

    As what can only be described as a challenging financial year draws to a close we wish everyone well. We are keeping our fingers firmly crossed that the current Covid situation is controlled quickly. Thank you all our valued clients and contractors for working with us over the past 12 months and look forward to […]

  8. AUAV Drone Industry Newsletter: Dec 2020

    Posted: December 16 2020

    Keep in the loop on the latest news, technology and info from around the drone world, as well as some case studies and drone data articles from AUAV. Subscribe here to have the next edition delivered straight to your inbox:

  9. Drone Registration Australia – Deadline Jan 28th 2021

    Posted: December 8 2020

    Drone registration is now active in Australia, with a CASA deadline of 28th Jan 2021. So the clock (as you can see above) is ticking. Read more below on whether this affects you, what you need to do about it before then and going forward. Do I need to register my drone? If you use […]

  10. Pros and Cons: In-house Drone Programs vs Drone Service Providers

    Posted: November 21 2020

    As drones get cheaper, is it time to start your own in-house drone program? Below are some things to consider from our experience working with a wide range of clients, which we hope will help you determine the best approach for you. Aerial Photography or Drone Data? The first consideration is whether you are just […]

  11. CASA Drone Registration: cost model incentivising the wrong outcomes

    Posted: November 21 2020

    Executive Summary: Drone registration is coming in 2020, which AUAV is highly supportive of The proposed fee structure is just $20 for recreational users covering an unlimited number of drones. A fee of $160 is proposed per-drone for commercial operators. This can easily double the cost of the smaller units over their lifetime, and add […]

  12. Drone Inspections: an Interview with AUAV’s Paul Smith

    Posted: November 21 2020

    Intro: Paul Smith is one of Australia’s most experienced aerial drone inspectors, and has been heading up AUAV’s inspection services from Perth since 2017.   Q: Hi Paul, can you tell us your role at AUAV? A: As Head of Inspection Services my role is to lead our drone inspection capability, and most importantly to […]

  13. AUAV’s Recommendations Regarding the Part 101 Disallowance

    Posted: November 21 2020

    Australia’s new Part 101 drone regulation amendments came into effect on 29th September 2016. Australian UAV Pty Ltd (AUAV) is of the opinion that these amendments present serious risk implications both for safety and also the viability of this nascent and innovative industry. Senator Nick Xenophon has recognised some of these risks and is moving […]

  14. How to Create a KML area file for Drone Aerial Survey and Mapping

    Posted: November 21 2020

    When you’re in the business of capturing precision aerial data, the starting point for any project is having a good definition of the required area. Although we are happy to work from a sketch, image from printed map or even a verbal description, these have some degree of interpretation to them, which then introduces the possibility of a mis-interpretation in […]

  15. Have we reached Peak Drone?

    Posted: November 21 2020

    CASA’s published ReOC (drone operating license) predictions from 2017, extrapolated to 2019 Have we reached ‘Peak Drone’? AUAV’s outlook for drone businesses in 2019 and beyond. In short: demand and revenues continue to grow rapidly, but the initial gold rush fever is over, the number of service providers is shrinking, and the industry is maturing […]

  16. AUAV’s 2018 Predictions for Drone Delivery

    Posted: November 21 2020

    Drone delivery is going to be huge. But it probably isn’t going to be happening as soon as you might think. As one of the larger drone service providers we do get asked about drone delivery quite often. We did some research and deeper thinking on this as part of a presentation at the Australasian […]

  17. Why drone investments have failed to take off

    Posted: November 21 2020

    Why drone investments have been failing to take off Anyone following the drone industry will have noticed a spate of high-profile investments collapse, and you might be wondering what’s going on. There has been a great deal of hype around the sector and, much like olive groves and emu oil, money has poured in to […]

  18. AUAV: Fly Your Own Drone™

    Posted: November 20 2020
  19. How Drones can help with Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Posted: November 20 2020

    As the world quickly adapts to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we’ve also been planning how we can best prepare ourselves at AUAV, and also how drones can assist with the challenge. AUAV has already curtailed our air travel, driving rather than flying where possible, which adds some cost but greatly reduces the potential for exposure. […]

  20. AUAV Recruiting: What We Look For

    Posted: November 20 2020