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  1. AUAV’s Recommendations Regarding the Part 101 Disallowance

    Posted: November 21 2020

    Australia’s new Part 101 drone regulation amendments came into effect on 29th September 2016. Australian UAV Pty Ltd (AUAV) is of the opinion that these amendments present serious risk implications…

  2. A Visual Encyclopedia of Drone Data

    Posted: July 16 2018

    Drones can now provide a wide variety of data types, everything from a few basic photos through to complex measurable 3D models with annotations and overlays. Below we list and…

  3. Have we reached Peak Drone?

    Posted: November 21 2020

    CASA’s published ReOC (drone operating license) predictions from 2017, extrapolated to 2019 Have we reached ‘Peak Drone’? AUAV’s outlook for drone businesses in 2019 and beyond. In short: demand and…

  4. Drone Data vs LIDAR: Clarifying Misconceptions

    Posted: September 21 2020

    AUAV is Australia’s first national-scale drone data services provider, with licensed operators undertaking work in every state each month. Our core businesses are aerial mapping/survey and aerial inspection of assets…

  5. Drone Types: Multi-Rotor vs Fixed-Wing vs Single Rotor vs Hybrid VTOL

    Posted: November 8 2016

    Although multi-rotors get most of the attention in the drone world, they are not the only option. If you’re serious about aerial mapping then you need to consider a fixed-wing…

  6. Pros and Cons: In-house Drone Programs vs Drone Service Providers

    Posted: November 21 2020

    As drones get cheaper, is it time to start your own in-house drone program? Below are some things to consider from our experience working with a wide range of clients,…

  7. Aerial Mapping and Survey Accuracy

    Posted: April 6 2018

    Drone aerial data can be an incredibly powerful tool, but as with other technologies it is important to use it in the right way and with some knowledge about its…

  8. AUAV’s 2018 Predictions for Drone Delivery

    Posted: November 21 2020

    Drone delivery is going to be huge. But it probably isn’t going to be happening as soon as you might think. As one of the larger drone service providers we…

  9. Drones: Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

    Posted: August 28 2017

    It is common to analyse the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of assets in a business so you know what you’re really getting in for, and not just the initial…

  10. Drone Inspections: an Interview with AUAV’s Paul Smith

    Posted: November 21 2020

    Intro: Paul Smith is one of Australia’s most experienced aerial drone inspectors, and has been heading up AUAV’s inspection services from Perth since 2017.   Q: Hi Paul, can you…

  11. CASA Drone Registration: cost model incentivising the wrong outcomes

    Posted: November 21 2020

    Executive Summary: Drone registration is coming in 2020, which AUAV is highly supportive of The proposed fee structure is just $20 for recreational users covering an unlimited number of drones….

  12. How to Create a KML area file for Drone Aerial Survey and Mapping

    Posted: November 21 2020

    When you’re in the business of capturing precision aerial data, the starting point for any project is having a good definition of the required area. Although we are happy to…

  13. Drone Registration Australia – Deadline Jan 28th 2021

    Posted: December 8 2020

    0 0 Days 0 0 Hours 0 0 Minutes 0 0 Seconds Drone registration is now active in Australia, with a CASA deadline of 28th Jan 2021. So the clock…

  14. AUAV and Uaviation announce merger

    Posted: September 1 2020

    AUAV is delighted to announce the merger with another leading Australian drone services business, Uaviation. “This merger expands the depth of resources available to AUAV and adds another director to…

  15. How Drones can help with Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Posted: November 20 2020

    As the world quickly adapts to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we’ve also been planning how we can best prepare ourselves at AUAV, and also how drones can assist with the…

  16. AUAV Response to CASA Drone Registration Proposal

    Posted: February 22 2019

    On Friday 25th January the Australian Civil Aviation and Safety Authority (CASA) proposed to introduce drone registration and an operator accreditation scheme James Rennie, AUAV’s Melbourne-based Director observes that…

  17. Why drone investments have failed to take off

    Posted: November 21 2020

    Why drone investments have been failing to take off Anyone following the drone industry will have noticed a spate of high-profile investments collapse, and you might be wondering what’s going…

  18. 12 Days of Christmas 2019

    Posted: December 18 2019

    At AUAV we are always flat out with capturing and delivering our projects for clients.We recognise that we don’t spend enough time publicly showcasing the work we do and the…

  19. AUAV Successfully Audited to UAS International Quality Standard for Drone Operations

    Posted: March 20 2018

    Australian UAV Pty Ltd (AUAV, confirms the successful completion of its audit and accreditation to the new UAS International (UASI, standard for safety and quality of commercial drone operations….

  20. Antarctic Ice Breaker

    Posted: August 21 2020

    The Australian Antarctic Division The Australian Antarctic Division had recognised the potential for drone technology as an efficient way to navigate Antarctic sea ice. They wanted to identify the potential…