Special Projects and R&D

Australian UAV is one of the country’s leading drone service providers, and while we aren’t in the business of making and selling drones, we do create and customise them for our own needs and for special projects.

Unlike many other providers, we don’t just use off-the-shelf solutions. Within our team we have experts in aerodynamics, mechanical and electrical engineering and software development to put together any custom solution required. We also have links with other companies able to provide specialised services to complement our own if needed.

AUAV has in-house design and 3D Printing capabilities, and access to Carbon Fibre fabrication services.

We love to research and develop new solutions in this exciting new field, so if you have an idea for a special project which could benefit your organisation, don’t be afraid to ask, and we are happy to sign NDAs ahead of sharing information.



Consulting Services

Although most of our work revolves around data capture and project delivery, we are also available for consulting to larger firms and government agencies on the best approach to drone data within their organisations. Given AUAV’s experience in operating a wide range of aircraft across such a wide range of industries and projects, we are in a unique position to leverage our hard-earned knowledge to short-cut any trial and error in your own organisation.

If you are interested in discussing our consulting services, please get in touch.