Australian UAV is aligned with Austral Research in providing complete landscape survey solution with a radio controlled bathymetric survey boat. The remote control bathymetry mapping is a unique approach to obtaining bathymetry data in locations where larger boats cannot be used for access or OH&S reasons.  Austral Research use a state-of-the-art Z-boat 1800 fitted with a dual frequency sonar to collect data in waters up to 100m deep.  The data is streamed live to the shore for instantaneous review and monitoring.  Data is stored on the shore based computer and backed up on board the boat.

Data is post processed in the lab and data extraction and manipulation is completed as required.  The system is RTK enabled for increased accuracy and the data outputs can be seamlessly linked with surface aerial survey data collected by the AUAV drones for a full landscape DEM.

Services provided:

  • Bathymetric survey of sewerage treatment lagoons, ponds and rivers
  • As constructed drawings for lagoons, lakes and ponds
  • Combination with UAV data for flood studies

Contact Dion Lervasi on 0458 389 374 or email