Aerial photography has been the most publicised use of small drones so far, and for obvious reasons.

Aerial imagery offers a view unseen by most people so is engaging in a way that ground based photography can’t match. Aside from being more visually stimulating it is also able to quickly tell a story such as how a property fits into its surroundings, the extent of a larger property at a single glance, or the view from upper floors of a building not yet constructed.

Aerial video might seem like a small step beyond, to record a moving image rather than still frames, but it is quite a leap for people without training in film production. Andrew Chapman, the Director of our Sydney office has had a long career in feature films before joining Australian UAV. He brings to the company the experience to not just put a motion picture camera in the air, but design and execute great looking shots for your video or cinematography needs, and is comfortable on set or location in a hectic production environment.

We have a range of single and dual operator drones, depending on your needs, and also partnerships to provide niche services such as flying Red and ARRI cameras in stereo rigs or with heavy glass for high-end cinematography.