Although using the same drones as for Aerial Photography and Video, we consider Aerial Monitoring to be a different category because the aim is to view the subject or area of interest in real-time rather than recording it for later use.

Some UAV aerial monitoring examples include:

  • Search and Rescue (SAR), including the use of thermal sensors
  • Crowd and Traffic monitoring studies
  • Crop and Livestock Scouting
  • Wildlife and feral animal spotting
  • Shark spotting
  • Expedition or exploratory work

Using a high-definition video feed we are able to see in real time a view from our ‘eyes in the sky’, ordinarily in RGB (i.e. normal colour) but other sensors such as thermal can also be utilised.

And in addition to image based monitoring, we can also perform other types of monitoring, for example air quality, gas, magnetic or radiation sensors, again with realtime feedback possible in most cases.