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In almost every case the capture and analysis of drone data are demonstrated to be more cost-effective than alternative methods of capture.

The degree to which drone survey data is cheaper than the traditional means of capture depends largely on the size of the area to be captured.

Typically our aerial survey data for small quarries, mines and landfills for example will be in the order of $2000-$5000 per site.

The same applies to building or bridge inspections. There are many complexities that can vary the cost but a high-resolution 3D model and inspection project will generally start at $1500 for a small simple structure, $5000+ for a large or complex building and multiples of that where there is a large site with many buildings, for example, a power station.

Internal tank inspections carry higher technical risk but we have saved clients tens of thousands of dollars compared to the traditional means of completing the inspection.

For the times when drones aren’t the best solution, we have aligned with providers that can facilitate the delivery with other means. We work closely with a number of the manned aviation data capture companies, satellite data providers, as well as traditional survey and inspection firms.

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When considering the alternatives it is clear that inspections with drones are a cost-effective method of data capture.

Typically our costs are a fraction (10-40%) of the cost of inspections by:

  • Helicopter
  • Elevated work platform
  • Barge
  • Confined space access
  • Scaffolding
  • Ground-based inspections


Being able to get aerial survey coverage in the inaccessible areas was a great help to the project, there’s no other way we could have obtained that data.

- Ben Meyer, Registered Surveyor, Craig & Rhodes