AUAV Drone Industry Newsletter: December 2019

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AUAV Drone Industry Newsletter for December 2019 Keep up with the latest news, articles and fun links from around the drone world, as well as some case studies and drone data articles from AUAV. Subscribe here to have the next edition delivered straight to your inbox:

12 Days of Christmas 2019

December 18th, 2019|0 Comments

At AUAV we are always flat out with capturing and delivering our projects for clients.We recognise that we don't spend enough time publicly showcasing the work we do and the great work from the team. From now until Christmas we will be posting a project a day showcasing some of the work we have been up to this year. Thank you to our amazing staff and clients over the past 12 months, without you we wouldn't have pushed the boundaries of drone data. Seasons Greetings from the AUAV team.   1: In the first of our 12 months in 12 days countdown this project captured 70,000 images over 50km of pipe. The resultant 3D model had enough detail to measure the dimensions on each bolt. All but one of the images below is a grab from the 3D model. 2: In the second in our series of 12 months in 12 days. This year power lines and poles became a thing. We wrote some software specifically for the line inspections and covered some serious ground. One project alone captured 55,000 images. For AUAV 2020 is shaping up to be the year of the power sector. 3: Project number 3 in the 12 projects in 12 days. This data capture merged the bathymetric scan data and aerial survey to assess change in the North Queensland Bulk Ports. For a fraction of the cost of a traditional [...]

Australian UAV Newsletter: September 2019

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AUAV Newsletter for September 2019 Keep up with the drone industry: news and fun links from around the drone world, as well as some case studies and drone data articles from AUAV. Subscribe here to have the next edition delivered straight to your inbox:

Australian UAV Newsletter: June 2019

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Australian UAV Newsletter for June 2019 Have we reached Peak Drone? Updates on some AUAV projects and software development, as well as the usual news and fun links from around the drone world.  Subscribe here to have the next edition delivered straight to your inbox:

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AUAV has an opening for a manager to work alongside me in the Sydney office, running the day-to-day operations for our drone projects in the region. If you have technical project management experience and want to join our growing team of amazing drone operators and data specialists, send your CV and cover letter to  

AUAV inSite: 3D Drone Data Platform

March 29th, 2019|0 Comments

AUAV is excited to announce our inSite 3D drone data platform for digital twin asset inspection and 3D site capture. Many of our customers are already familiar, but today we're showing it off to the world. Watch a quick (3min) demonstration video here and you can find more information on the inSite page.  

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AUAV Response to CASA Drone Registration Proposal

February 22nd, 2019|0 Comments

Note: this article has been superseded by a December 2019 update here - CASA Drone Registration: cost model incentivising the wrong outcomes On Friday 25th January the Australian Civil Aviation and Safety Authority (CASA) proposed to introduce drone registration and an operator accreditation scheme James Rennie, AUAV’s Melbourne-based Director observes that “the previous relaxation of the rules, along with access to cheap and accessible drone technology has led to widespread unsafe practices and non-conformance to the regulations.” A lack of any practical flight training or demonstrable knowledge of the airspace or public safety rules for recreational and sub-2kg (Excluded) commercial operators has caused a spike in incidents and breaches of the regulations. “In our view we need more than just an on-line ‘tick and flick’ on-line course to address the basic flight competency and knowledge requirements for licensing” says Rennie. Registration The proposed registration of the drone will go some way to identifying the culprit when something has gone wrong, but more importantly should instill a greater sense of responsibility. This drone registration was recommended by Governmental review last year. However, we feel that the proposal is further tilting the playing field in favour of unlicensed and uninsured operators. As it stands the proposal is that a recreational drone attracts no annual fee (the drone owner has a $20 fee) while each commercial drone has a fee to CASA between $100 and $160 per drone per [...]