Having proven the model for professional drone services and with a growing roster of Top 500 companies as our clients, AUAV is now looking for investment partners to assist with accelerating our growth throughout Australia and beyond. Based purely on our starting funds and organic growth, the company has been doubling its revenues each year since we started in 2013.

If you are qualified investor or firm who can see the potential of drone technology, with an appetite for disruptive technology from an incredibly driven team of founders and employees, please get in touch with one of our directors James Rennie or Andrew Chapman on their direct numbers below, or email us together at investment@auav.com.au



Company Directors

James Rennie (Ph: 0497 070 576) is a natural resource scientist who has worked in the management and design of rivers, estuaries and wetlands. He has held senior leadership roles in local and multi-national companies and provided consulting services to NRM agencies, mining companies and land developers. James has well developed skills in project management, budgeting and product delivery. James has over ten years’ experience in flying remotely piloted aircraft and fills the role of Chief Controller for Australian UAV.

Andrew Chapman (Ph: 0488 130 900) has a background in aviation, technology, computer graphics and film production. A leader in the new drone industry, he has previously founded a successful UAV company while living in Canada and also served as a member of the Board at Unmanned Systems Canada, the national industry body. Andrew has strong skills in project management, digital image processing, technology and aviation. He holds pilot licenses in Australia and Canada, and has been flying remotely piloted aircraft of various forms since age 7. He has a strong vision for the future of the industry and is incredibly driven and excited by all the possibilities and efficiencies that this new technology can bring to various industries and special projects.