As one of the country’s leading drone operators, AUAV knows what is required to get people trained up for safe and professional operations in the field. We work with you hands-on to ensure you are flying safely and confidently, and then loop back later when you have more experience to train you in generating valuable deliverables from the drone data.

Basic Training

Whether you have a little experience already or have never had your hands on a drone before, our Basic Training days are intended to leave you flying safely and confidently in normal environments. We also give you a foundation of knowledge on the rules and regulations of drone operation in Australia, and where to look for information such as airport locations and more accurate weather information.


Advanced Training

Our Advanced Training can be completed immediately after Basic Training, but we do recommend a gap in between for you to practice and solidify your knowledge before moving ahead. Advanced Training covers flying in more challenging environments such as strong wind, in close proximity to trees and other obstacles, and will give you the confidence and flexibility to approach more varied flying conditions.We also spend time with you working through the data processing and generation of actionable deliverables from the drone data, and assessing any site-specific considerations at your location.


Individual or Group Training Sessions

We can cater our training to any size organisation, though the hours included in the standard packages include enough time to train one or two people. We can run multiple groups in sequence, or add additional trainers to handle multiple groups at the same time depending on your requirements.

Nation-wide Travel

The training hours are included in the price of the packages, though we do need to charge for additional travel time if you are located more than an hour’s drive from a state capital city. Let us know your location if you’re in a remote spot and we’ll get back to you with the travel costs. Alternatively, you can come to us in any state capital city.

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