The drone industry is a buzz of new technology and products emerging at a rapid rate. It is easy to get caught up in researching the best options, but with AUAV’s FYOD™ bundles we provide equipment which we and thousands of others can attest to. We use all this gear ourselves and stand by its ability to get the job done.

DJI Multi-Rotor Drones

DJI is the market leader in ‘multi-rotor’ drones, which are capable of taking off and hovering like a helicopter. These are the best choice for general aerial photography and video work, and can also be used for aerial mapping and survey of areas up to a few dozen hectares.

Phantom 4 Pro

dji_phantom4The Phantom 4 Pro is our entry-level drone from DJI, featuring an Ultra-HD resolution (4K) camera in a compact and easily managed package. You can literally ‘backpack’ in to sites with a Phantom 4, and be confident in flying it in a matter of days. The Phantom is also lightweight, allowing it to be operated without a license under the sub-2kg category.

Weight: 1.4kg
Flight Time: up to 28 minutes
Mapping Area: up to 15 hectares (depending on resolution)
Cost: Low

Read more about the DJI Phantom 4 Pro here.

Matrice M100

The M100 is a step up from the Phantom 4, and is intended for professional/industrial use. It comes standard with an Ultra-HD resolution (4K) camera but can also accommodate more advanced cameras such as the Z3 Zoom camera or XTR thermal camera. With a dual-battery setup the M100 can fly much longer than other drones of comparable size.

Weight: 2.4kg
Flight Time: up to 40 minutes
Mapping Area: up to 30 hectares (depending on resolution)
Cost: Medium

Read more about the DJI Matrice M100 here

SenseFly eBee Fixed-Wing Drones

Switzerland’s senseFly is the world-leader in ‘fixed-wing’ (i.e. aeroplane) drones for mapping and survey use.

These drones can cover a much larger area than a multi-rotor, as the wing generates lift in a more efficient way than a multi-rotors propellers. The trade-off is that fixed-wing drones are a little more difficult to operate, requiring more training, more room for takeoff and landing, and are limited to mapping work rather than general aerial photography and video. The eBee does an incredible job of making fixed-wing drone operation as simple as it can be though, with completely automated flight from takeoff to landing.

Weight: 650g
Flight Time: up to 40 minutes
Mapping Area: up to 100 hectares
Cost: High

Read more about the senseFly eBee here


Propeller AeroPoints

Drones are great at capturing aerial imagery, but in order to turn that into measurable and actionable data you need to link it back to the real world. That’s where Propeller’s AeroPoints come in — by simply placing these around the area to be captured they can provide survey-grade accurate positioning data, so your final data outputs are locked to real-world coordinates for measurement and calculation, and also aligning recurring datasets over time.Read more about the Propeller AeroPoints here


Optional Extras

As well as the main items above, we will be providing a full range of additional camera sensors, drone types and other accessories. Stay tuned!

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