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Announcing an exciting new program from Australian UAV (AUAV), where we work with you to operate your own drone services on site for your organisation. We refer to this as the Fly Your Own Drone™ (FYOD™) program.

AUAV is one of the country’s most experienced drone operators, with more than 3000 flights for commercial and government clients around the country since 2013. We have a well-proven process for capturing the best possible data and generating great deliverables. Most of our clients want us to take care of all the flying and data processing for them, but in some cases it can make more sense for you to operate the drones yourself: for example if you need ongoing daily or weekly flights at a remote location.

Until now there has only been two options: engage a professional drone operator like AUAV to fly your site for you, or purchase all the gear and go it alone, learning as you go. We are now offering a middle path where we supply you the right gear for the job, a powerful data processing and presentation solution, and offer you as much training and ongoing support as you might need to get the job done. We give you the full recipe for success in undertaking what can be a quite complex and risky operation, including detailed processes, checklists, flight logging and everything else you need to run a professional drone service in-house.


We spend a lot of time explaining to clients that a good drone service is not just about the gear, but of course you do need some good equipment or you’re not going to get off the ground! We supply the world’s best multi-rotor drones from DJI, and the world’s most reliable fixed-wing survey drone with senseFly’s eBee. This is the equipment used by AUAV in many of our own flight operations. All aircraft are supplied with 12 months of technical support from these manufacturer’s local service representatives.

We have aligned with Propeller Aerobotics to provide their incredible their online data processing and presentation platform, as well as their AeroPoints system for accurate ground control targets.

This combination of equipment gets the job done. No messing around. No compromises.

Read more about the equipment here.

Online Data Platform

propeller_laptopDrones are just a tool, it’s actually all about the data outcomes, so there’s not much point capturing great data if you can’t process or present it well.

Included in all packages is a 12 month subscription to Propeller’s industry-leading online data processing and presentation platform, which handles all the heavy-lifting of processing drone images into full 3D datasets, hosting them securely, and presenting them in a beautiful and intuitive web browser interface. Measurements like distance, area, slope gradients and stockpile volumes can all be made inside the viewer, and results compared between different times.

Standard subscription pricing includes data processing and hosting for up to 15 surveys per year, though let us know if you need more or less than that and we can get you a custom price based on your needs.


auav_drone_trainingAs professional drone operators ourselves, we recognise there is a big difference between being able to simply fly a drone, and being able to operate them reliably day after day for great results.

In the FYOD™ packages we start with basic training on flying safely and confidently, and then move on to more advanced training to get you capturing world-class data and creating high-value deliverables. We recommend leaving some time between these training sessions, so you can practice and be confident before we return for the advanced sessions. Our standard pricing below includes training for two people, and we can accommodate larger groups as required.

Read more about our training here.


Safety and Operational Procedures

What is overlooked by many small drone operators is that safety and operational procedures are critical, and need to be the backbone of any drone service if it is to succeed in the long run. As well as the training, we supply you with our own safety systems and operational manuals, forms, logs and checklists, so you can fly the AUAV way.


Our drone packages come with multiple levels of support to keep you flying reliably day after day. To begin with we only offer the best drones with full local support contracts from their manufacturer, so if there is a technical fault or you damage the aircraft, it can be repaired as quickly as possible.

On top of this is AUAV’s support in helping you get results. We don’t just start you flying then wish you luck, we are available via phone or email to ensure you are not only flying successfully, but getting the right kind of data and producing high-quality outputs. Remote support hours can also be transferrable to on-site support if preferred.

Consulting and Backup Drone Services

A final level of assistance comes from working with one of the country’s most experienced and capable drone operators, so if at any point you aren’t able to get a job done yourself, we can step in to help out.

This can be in the form of consulting to determine the best possible uses for drones in your organisation, or doing some of the flying for you: for example you might want us to handle large-scale or more difficult jobs, or to help fill scheduling gaps. AUAV has operators in every state, so we can also help to cover any jobs that are distant from your base of operations.


We have bundled the various options into a range of simple packages, at different price points to suit different budgets. The table below shows what is included in each of the packages, and of course additional equipment, training, support and consultation are available as ‘add-ons’ to any of these if you feel you need a little more. Prices are subject to change.

Propeller Online Data
(with GST)
DJI Phantom 4 Pro Single


  • 1x Phantom 4 Pro
  • 4x Flight Batteries, pro charger
  • Spare propellers, spare memory cards
  • 10x Propeller AeroPoints (optional)
  • 12 Months Propeller Subscription
  • 1 day Basic Training
  • 1 day Advanced Training
  • 6 hours remote support
 $27,500  $30,250
DJI Phantom 4 Pro Double


  • 2x Phantom 4 Pro
  • 6x Flight batteries, pro charger
  • Spare propellers, spare memory cards
  • 10x Propeller AeroPoints (optional)
  • 12 Months Propeller Subscription
  • 1 day Basic Training
  • 2 days Advanced Training
  • 10 hours remote support
  • 2 hours remote consultation
$32,000 $35,200
senseFly eBee Single


  • 1x senseFly eBee
  • 4x Flight Batteries
  • 10x Propeller AeroPoints (optional)
  • 12 Months Propeller Subscription
  • 1 day Basic Training
  • 2 days Advanced Training
  • 8 hours remote support
  • 2 hours remote consultation
$51,500 $56,650
senseFly eBee Double
  • 2x senseFly eBee
  • 6x Flight Batteries
  • Additional Chargers
  • 10x Propeller AeroPoints (optional)
  • 12 Months Propeller Subscription
  • 1 day Basic Training
  • 3 days Advanced Training
  • 12 hours remote support
  • 8 hours remote consultation
$74,000 $81,400


If you have any special requirements (with or without AeroPoints, extra batteries, different drone systems, thermal sensors, more or less training, etc) please let us know, and we can put together a custom package for your needs.

Financing and Insurance

If you would like to finance rather than purchase the package, we have a finance partner to help you spread the payments. We can also refer you to our excellent insurance partners.

Need More Information?

You can read over our list of FYOD™ Frequently Asked Questions, and of course feel free to also get in touch to discuss the program.