We thought this warranted its own post, as these two sensors are squarely aimed at the kind of work we do at AUAV.

DJI L1 Livox LiDAR


As you may know we haven’t been a huge proponent of aerial LiDAR, as the lower quality and accuracy of data compared to photogrammetry is hard to accept when it also costs a lot more, but it certainly has its uses where photogrammetry is problematic, i.e. under vegetation cover, so it’s great to see DJI jumping in with a smaller lighter package which can go on an M300, and hopefully make this type of data a lot more accessible now.


DJI P1 45MP Full-Frame Photogrammetry Sensor


One of our disappointments when the M300 came out was its 20mp sensor, when it feels like the industry has moved past that now. We’re really excited to see how the combination of a 45mp full-frame sensor and RTK positioning will elevate our 3D digital twin modelling.


These sensors will be available in Australia soon through CRKennedy and Southern Cross Drones.