At Australian UAV, the best part of our job isn’t actually the drones, but working with our amazing clients. We love discussing their challenges and establishing additional capabilities and efficiencies specific to their own processes and industries with the use of aerial data.

Below is a selection of some of our clients — we are are thankful to them for pushing innovation within their own organisations:

Client Testimonials

“AUAV are really pushing the boundaries of what this technology can achieve, and unlike most of the drone guys out there, they actually understand survey and what is required for accurate data and QC”

Brian Hammonds, Registered Surveyor, RPS

“We can recommend Australian UAV as one of the leading drone operators in the country. We have collaborated with AUAV on quite a few projects now and they deliver every time, providing a reliable and professional service.”

Francis Vierboom, Propeller Aerobotics

“Utilising new technologies can seem daunting and complex, however Australian UAV made the transition from idea to final product easy with their professional, organised and flexible approach.”

Angela Gladman, North Central Catchment Management Authority

“Being able to get aerial survey coverage in the inaccessible areas was a great help to the project, there’s no other way we could have obtained that data.”

Ben Meyer, Registered Surveyor, Craig & Rhodes