Waterways and Coastal Sector

Drones are proven to provide a simple and cost-effective way of monitoring the stability of a coastline, river or erosion protection structures.

With experienced waterway scientists on staff we understand the requirements of the data capture for analysis.

The aerial data captured by the drone is processed into a range of formats depending on the end-use of the data; from orthomosaic imagery in visible and near infra-red for vegetation and change assessments, through to full survey accurate 3D elevation models which are quick and easy to use for inspections and monitoring.

For indicative pricing or to get a quote email us at contact@auav.com.au.

Data for Waterways & Coastal Projects

Drone inspection and data for coastal region.
We have extensive experience with:
  • Erosion monitoring and assessment of cliff stability.
  • Data capture to assess fluvial geomorphic processes and structural design.
  • Monitoring of coastal and intertidal vegetation and habitat and changes.
  • Stream/river management for habitat analysis.
  • Wetland analysis and volume assessments for environmental flow planning.
  • Monitoring post, and during, weather event damage such as floods, droughts or cyclones.
  • Condition monitoring and inspection of coastal structures such as seawalls, groynes and breakwaters.
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