Drones offer a productivity boost for Surveying, producing much broader and denser sampling in a fraction of the time. It also provides the benefit of a rich visual aerial map and 3D model of the site as deliverables rather than sparse measurements and diagrams.

And while this technology is rapidly replacing some older surveying techniques, there is still a need for experienced surveyors to assess and make decisions based on this data. At Australian UAV we have done work for and maintain ongoing relationships with many of the country’s most respected survey firms and find this to be a great way to approach it. We gather the best possible drone aerial data, allowing them to do their best work and look good in the process.

Our costs are based largely on travel time and the size of the area being captured, and typical costs for a 100 hectare site are comparable to a 1 day ground survey party, with the additional benefit of delivering a full digital model and colour map of the site. We can handle large and small projects with our range of UAVs, though most often we capture 50 to 1000ha, and our cost per hectare dramatically decreases with larger areas.

We are usually on site for just a couple of hours and then the timeframe from capture to delivery of CAD-ready products can be as short as 24 hours.

Typical uses for UAV aerial survey:

  • Mine-Quarry volumetric survey
  • Bulk earthworks assessments and progress monitoring
  • Road/rail route mapping and quantities
  • End of Month stockpile volume analysis
  • Drainage and flood investigations
  • Waterway erosion identification
  • Wetland and drainage infrastructure as built drawings
  • Farm flood irrigation design