Drone surveying.

Surveying Sector

Over the past 7+ years drones have become established as an integral tool in the kit for surveyors. With the capability to capture data accurately, safely and efficiently, the technology has been widely adopted. The perceived simplicity however has seen many questionable practices that have led to poor data outcomes.

Since 2013 we have been leading the charge on providing quality drone survey data capture services. Our comprehensive ISO 9001 certified quality assurance checks and processes give our clients confidence in reliable and repeatable data. In 2017/18 we were a project partner with FrontierSI on their QA4UAV project, a project that seeks to lift the quality of data supplied from all drone service providers.

We work with a range of survey companies providing cost-effective aerial data capture services. Some survey companies have their own drone resources but prefer to commission us to complete the larger projects. Other survey firms prefer to engage us to undertake all drone-related tasks whereby not taking on the technical, commercial and financial risks themselves.

We offer photogrammetric and LiDAR capability and have worked through all the issues associated with data volumes and format compatability for survey clients. Contact AUAV if you would like further information on our drone survey capabilities or partnership options, contact@auav.com.au.

Drone Surveying Services

Drone surveying.
Our typical survey projects are:
  • Civil earthworks such as roads & land development.
  • Mines, quarries & landfill analysis.
  • Floodplains for inundation mapping.
  • Coastal erosion and asset monitoring.
  • Landslip assessment.
  • Drainage analysis.
  • Contaminated land mapping and survey.

Clients: Surveying

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