There has been a lot of hype about the use of drones within the agricultural sector. At Australian UAV we caution against collecting data for data’s sake and work with our clients to tailor a product that has a demonstrable ROI for their particular property and situation. We have presented the costs, benefits and risks of UAVs in the agricultural sector to a large number of conferences including MobileTech, GRDC updates, Pasture Association and others.

Working with Agronomists we use our experience to deliver cost effective outcomes for farmers to reduce inputs and increase their yields. Australian farmers are world leaders in the use of technology to increase farm efficiency, and we love to play a part in helping them deliver those gains.

We have a demonstrated track record in:

  • High-resolution mapping for general crop monitoring and farm planning
  • NDVI analysis of crop health and vigour
  • Generating data for precision application prescriptions
  • Aerial survey for flood and irrigation channel design
  • Aerial survey for field levelling and contour bank planning
  • Herbicide resistant weed mapping
  • Pest animal management
  • Crop health research using multi-spectral cameras
  • Thermal imaging
  • Insurance loss documentation

Australian UAV works with and recommends PA Source for processing and management of precision ag data:
PA Source