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Client Industries Ports & Marine

Whether inspecting high assets or monitoring under structures we can help

AUAV is working with a number of major ports to facilitate asset inspection and monitoring.

Having completed many projects in ports it has become clear that there are many opportunities to enhance port operations and asset management. Typical services include;

  • Asset inspection of tall assets such as cranes, loaders, buildings
  • Creation of a digital twin of the port to assist with traffic management and safety management
  • Monitoring the inside of facilities and buildings
  • Surveys of breakwaters and seawalls
  • Laser scanning tanks for deformation modelling
  • Inspections of channel markers and navigational aids
  • Volumetric survey of bulk goods
  • Integration of all drone-based inspection data in inSite linked to existing asset management systems
  • Remote boat-based under wharf condition assessments
  • Remote underwater vehicles to inspect piles
  • Bathymetric survey
  • Thermography assessment of conveyors
  • Confined space inspections of storage tanks and ship holds

AUAV offers support to your inhouse drone operations, one-off data capture and drone data hosting in our inSite software.

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