With new demands for efficiency and environmental monitoring, Waste Management has become an increasingly innovative industry.

Our drones offer the ability to provide a full 3D dataset for landfill sites at a fraction of the cost of previous methods. A more cost-effective method allows for more frequent surveys to provide the data you need to tightly manage your site and enable accurate forward projections and planning.

Australian UAV has been working with several of the country’s largest waste management organisations to more closely fit our services to their needs. We feel we have a very attractive value proposition for all commercial and council-operated landfill sites around the country, and we’re seeing a great deal of demand growing in this sector.

  • Airspace and earthworks calculations: provide data to you or your consultants, or automated using our secure online data portal yourself for instant measurements
  • High-resolution, high-accuracy full colour maps: 3.5cm per pixel, accurate to ~5cm across your site
  • Fast turnaround: generally within 48-72 hours
  • One-off or regular monthly surveys, and we offer significant cost reductions for regular service
  • Manage volumes, correlate weighbridge data, airspace calculations, earthworks, EPA reporting and general site planning

We’re happy to work closely with your existing site surveyors to ensure compatibility of data, coordinate systems and reporting.

Contact us to discuss the costs and benefits for your operation.

…or read our PDF brochure for more informationAUAV_drones_for_landfill_survey