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Providing data for Civil Engineering projects is one of AUAV's core businesses

Providing data for Civil Engineering projects is one of AUAV’s core businesses, typical examples include:

  • Analysis for slope stability, landslips, cliff, seawall and coastal studies
  • Survey for road, rail and bridge projects
  • Inspection of structures for visual condition and mechanical stability
  • 3D models for existing built assets
  • Models and images for demolition projects
  • Line of sight capture for microwave link connectivity
  • Survey for irrigation design, flood and hydraulic modelling
  • Monitoring gas and power transmission corridors

AUAV has undertaken hundreds of projects and recurring work for most of the major engineering firms. We also have multiple staff who are coming from a previous career in these companies, and so have a very good understanding of the requirements and approach to successfully completing these projects.

We’re happy to assess the feasibility and cost of drone data to assist your projects, get in touch to discuss.

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