Drone data can dramatically improve the management of Local Government Areas, with typical applications being:

  • Subdivisions: planning, design, drainage, construction monitoring and compliance
  • Illegal dumping: assessment, remote monitoring, case evidence
  • Roads: planning, design, dilapidation/condition studies, traffic monitoring, car park design
  • Parks and Sports Fields: planning, bike paths, parking, light poles inspection, amenities roof inspections, stadium inspections, irrigation design
  • Roof Inspection: condition of roof sheeting/gutters/facades, solar panel design/inspection/audits
  • Landfill and Quarries: survey to calculate airspace and stockpiles, planning, EPA reporting, safety management and compliance
  • Waterways: flood level and hydrology studies, pollution, weeds and vegetation analysis, erosion, water sampling
  • Water Infrastructure: inspection of water towers, STP/WTPs, channels, pipelines
  • Coastal: sea-level rise assessment/planning, seawall assessment and design, coastal erosion, cliff stability studies
  • Geotechnical: landslips, slope stability assessment
  • Thermal: roof insulation assessment, heat maps of leakage/inefficiency
  • Town Planning: whole township digital capture, LGA digital transformation and BIM efforts
  • Heritage: inspection for maintenance and restoration, 3D capture for archival purposes
  • WHS: worksite inspection, hazard identification, working at heights determination, job safety and signage compliance

AUAV has been undertaking the above works for LGAs around the country on a regular basis, and also working with these clients to develop their own in-house drone programs where appropriate.

Given there are a wide array of services which can benefit councils, we would be happy to come in for a meeting to present on the different kinds of data and a range of example projects. Contact us to discuss your needs or to organise a senior AUAV staff member to present at your local council.