Large construction and engineering projects require an enormous amount of careful planning and monitoring to stay on track and avoid costly errors.

Drones provide the means to establish a high-accuracy digital survey of your project, and optionally re-run that survey on a regular basis from pre-planning through to final validation.

Compared to traditional survey which might struggle to gather more than a few hundred data points in a day, our UAVs are able to map the entire site to 3.5cm resolution, usually with only a couple of hours on site, so you can have a full 3D model covering every inch of your entire site, updated on a monthly basis if needed.

Example Uses:

  • Accurate aerial maps and images to assist with project planning
  • 3D virtual flythroughs showing the structural design in situ with a full colour terrain model
  • Time-lapse photos from a fixed aerial GPS position for progress monitoring and promotion
  • Haul route planning and measurement (route, grades, volumes)
  • Efficient area surveys of coverage eg. topsoil, mulch, seeding
  • End of month progress and quantity analysis

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