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Front-End and Full-stack web developers, 3D/GIS (Sydney)

Front-End and Full-stack web developers, 3D/GIS (Sydney)

AUAV is looking for developers interested in working on our inSite 3D drone data platform.

We have different roles available across a range of skill sets:

  • front-end devs with experience in 3D web environments
  • front-end devs with experience in React SPAs and UI
  • back-end devs with experience using Node.js, NoSQL and AWS for large scale data platforms. Data security experience is a plus.
  • AWS devops experts for slick continuous delivery and automated testing, leveraging some potentially massive AWS cloud resources

And of course the holy-grail: full stack devs who can assist across all those areas, including junior devs who are on that pathway and looking for a role where they can expand into those areas without being pigeon-holed, and grow with our software as a core part of the team.

The role would initially need to be based in Sydney (Enmore), working directly with our CTO, but could move to a flexible home/office split within a few months.

Full transparency: if you’ve got the skills we need you can probably demand a higher salary elsewhere, but the right candidates would value working on a really interesting application, the flexibility we offer, and access to an incentive scheme in a fast-moving drone company.

And if it’s of interest we’d also welcome you being involved with some of our drone field ops on a flexible or regular basis too. This gets you some exposure to what we do, helps guide the software forward, and it’s a great stress-reliever to spend time outdoors flying things.

AUAV is doing some pretty cool stuff, and we try our best to look after everyone and share the wins. Come join us!

If you’re interested please send a CV and cover letter to

20th Oct 2020

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